Act now for cooperation

Thousands of Canadians are joining the party of their choice to support a one-time agreement between the Liberals, NDP and Greens to cooperate during the next election to defeat Prime Minister Harper’s government and then pass crucial reforms.

During the NDP leadership race last year, 10,000 people joined the NDP to support cooperation. They built a major constituency for cooperation in the party, and secured a strong commitment to electoral reform from all of the candidates.

Right now, the Liberal Party is preparing to choose its next leader, one candidate has a strong position supporting cooperation, and everyone is watching to see if pro-cooperation Canadians will stand up to be counted.

If you signed up to vote in the Liberal leadership race, your vote could change the future of our country. There’s just one catch – you have to vote next week anytime between Sunday April 7 and Sunday April 14.

Ready for the next step? Sign the petition to party leaders and then join the party of your choice to support cooperation in key votes, we’ll make it easy.

Canadians are Calling for Cooperation

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    I call on the NDP, Liberals and Greens to cooperate for Canada.

    We can make our government work better for Canadians. During the next federal election, I call on the NDP, Liberals and Greens to work together in key ridings to defeat Stephen Harper’s government. After the election, I call on them to cooperate to protect our environment, build a fair economy and pass electoral reform.” will protect your privacy, and keep you informed about this campaign and others.

  • Thank you!

    We need to urgently reach thousands more Canadians if we’re going to get the Liberals, NDP, and Greens to cooperate in the next election. Time is short. Please help by sharing this campaign online and with your friends and family.

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      We’re ready. It’s time to Cooperate for Canada. We need to act *now* to get the NDP, Liberals and Greens to work together in key ridings to defeat Harper and pass crucial reforms. The Liberals are choosing a new leader, and any Canadian can vote for free, but you must sign up before March 3rd.

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